Rent Luxury Electric Cars with NFTs – CAR BAR Launches in Dubai

• CAR BAR, an electric car rental platform powered by non-fungible tokens (NFTs), has been launched in Dubai.
• The platform will provide users with access to luxury electric cars at 30-40% cheaper daily rates than traditional car rental services.
• CAR BAR NFT holders will be able to rent Tesla Model 3 Standard, Tesla Model 3 Performance, or Tesla Model Y and can also sell their rights to third parties in Polygon-based marketplaces.

CAR BAR Launches in Dubai

CAR BAR, an electric car rental platform using non-fungible tokens (NFTs), has been launched in Dubai. A press release from Yard Hub, a Web3 venture studio that developed the platform, revealed that it would integrate NFTs and allow people in Dubai to rent luxury electric cars at cut prices. Rates for daily rentals will be between 30 and 40% cheaper than traditional car rental services. Moreover, the solution will empower fleet owners to tokenize and track their cars in real-time.

Benefits of Using CAR BAR

The launch of CAR BAR gives users premium access to rental services not available before. Yaroslav Shakula, the CEO of Yard Hub noted that their platform showcases a novel use case of NFTs which could contribute to the mass adoption of web3 technologies. This pilot program will release its first NFT collection on Polygon using USDT as payment method; however users must be over 23 years old and hold a UAE or international driving license to purchase them.

Renting Luxury Electric Cars With CAR BAR NFTs

From Mar 6th until May 31st , holders of CAR BAR NFTs can rent any one of three Tesla varieties from one of their rental partners located in Dubai free of charge . Three types of NFTs are available for purchase; depending on which type is bought , user can choose from either a Tesla Model 3 Standard ,Tesla Model 3 Performance or a Tesla Model Y vehicle . Before booking these vehicles , they must reserve them three days prior while submitting relevant documents such as their driving licenses . All vehicles rented through CAR BAR come fully insured .

Preserving The Environment With Car Sharing Solutions

There have been increasing calls for preserving the environment due to unsustainable levels of car ownership especially within big cities like Dubai . As such ,car sharing solutions have become more popular providing convenient travel options while conserving natural resources at the same time .


CAR BAR’s launch presents yet another example of how blockchain technology can be used innovatively address real world issues with sustainable solutions . By tokenizing car rentals , individuals now have access to premium services at reduced costs while preserving natural resources simultaneously .

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